5 TIPS — on How to spend the Time between Christmas and New Year

We are officially past the Christmas holidays, and on our final one-week sprint towards the New Year. Some of us enjoyed the Christmas festivities, and to others, it was the busiest season of the year. No matter if it is business or family, running around and organizing the perfect Christmas experience is absolutely exhausting.

As of today, the official festivities are over – Now What? Welcome to the Christmas Limbo!

The final week of the year between Christmas and New Year might feel a little odd. The Christmas spirit is still all around us, while the New Year is already knocking on our doors. It is a strange kind of in-between-state. Personally, I am not quite ready to throw-out Christmas just yet, while at the same time I feel the urge to prepare for the New Year.

I have the following 5 tips for you, on what to do during the next couple of days. I hope I can present you with a nice mixture of being lazy, having fun and getting organized.

1. Read a Book

My first tip for you, go make yourself a nice cup of tea, hot coco or coffee, sit down, get all cozy in your PJs with a blanket and read that one book, that has been on your reading list since forever. Sometimes, it is not a matter of time, rather than being kind and allowing ourselves to sit down and do nothing else but reading. Give yourself permission and enjoy your me-time.


2. Puzzle

My second tip for you is to puzzle. Similarly, to reading, we tell ourselves: “One day, when I have enough time, I will puzzle”. Let’s not kid ourselves. Taking the time to do a certain task or activity is a conscious choice - make it a priority and get your puzzle out. Enjoy it by yourself, or together with friends. Combine it with some eggnog to keep your tummy happy and your mood jolly. Have fun and puzzle away!


3. Board Games

My third tip for you are board games. Some of you might have already played the hell out of board games before and during Christmas. If that is the case, may I invite you for a game of chess? You don’t know how to? – maybe it is the perfect time to teach yourself. No matter what you decide to play, enjoy and bring your ‘A’ game!

So far, we covered the ‘lazy’ and ‘fun’ parts, here are my suggestions to satisfy your let’s-get-going urge.


4. Declutter

My fourth tip for you is to declutter your home. In my opinion, there are different options of decluttering. One, declutter your home from all the Christmas festivities to get it ready for New Year’s. Two, declutter your closet and give it away to charity. Three, declutter your whole house to minimalize. If you are new to the topic of decluttering but genuinely feel, that you would like to learn more about it, I very much recommend you to check out the website of Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, also called The Minimalists (https://www.theminimalists.com). When I first got introduced to the topic of decluttering and minimalism, I had difficulties of letting go. The website and podcast by Joshua and Ryan helped me to approach the topic on a step-by-step basis and provided me with the necessary tips and tricks. Have fun checking it out!


5. Memory Jar

My fifth and last tip for you is to make your own memory jar. A memory jar is a jar, that you fill with little handwritten notes or other memory-based pieces throughout the year. The notes and pieces contain special moments you are most grateful for or which impacted you in an exceptional way. The goal is to fill your memory jar with lots of special moments you wish to remember. By the end of the year, you can open your jar, read your notes and simply reminisce. In order to make your own jar, you can use whatever jar looks most appealing to you – glass, wood, ceramic, it is totally up to you and your taste. You can also decorate it to make it more special. Personally, I feel it is a beautiful way to cherish your memories of a whole year. It also helps me to mentally finalize the old year and prepare myself for the new one. I hope you like it.

Enjoy your limbo week and have an amazing New Year.