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Cancermazing is an internationally run online Practice, supporting you in Europe, USA and South Africa. The concept of online based flexibility and medical education on a global level was one of the key stones for Beatrice Schäfer, who founded the Practice in 2017. Our Cancermazing Practice combines the fields of nutritional, psychological, lifestyle and complementary interventions alongside conventional cancer treatments. We provide an evidence-based and whole-person approach to support you with a better quality of life, to minimize your side effects of treatment and to improve your treatment outcomes across your entire cancer care pathway.


We provide personalized cancer care to enhance your survival and quality of life by utilizing the fields of nutritional, psychological, lifestyle and complementary interventions alongside conventional cancer treatments.

To make the multidisciplinary approach of integrative oncology available to every person

affected by cancer.



Like you, cancer has personally touched my life. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2013. It was not only a very difficult time for me, but also for my loved ones. Managing and maneuvering through the cancer care pathway was challenging, irritating, discouraging and very dehumanizing. Many times, I was confronted with either too many or too little answers to make an informed decision about my health and life. I spend months researching different doctors, clinics and potential treatment options. Every doctor I spoke to supported a different view and choice of treatment. I felt overwhelmed and helpless.

Fortunately, a personal breakthrough happened when I came across the field of Integrative Oncology (IO). IO care allowed me to accommodate my individual treatments and needs by combining psychological, nutritional, lifestyle and complementary interventions in conjunction with conventional cancer care. As a person with an academic background, it was important to me, that my cancer care respects an evidence-informed approach that has shown through science to be safe and effective. Once a suitable integrated approach was introduced, my health improved dramatically. After experiencing such a turnaround first hand, I was inspired to make the same IO treatment available to everyone affected by cancer who is seeking an integrative approach to their cancer treatment. I was motivated to go back to university to get the best education possible in order to gain a multidisciplinary set of skills which are needed for IO care. The Cancermazing program was born in 2017 with the sole purpose of delivering a professional, safe, ethical and patient-centered solution to integrative oncology treatment by focusing on the fields of nutrition, psychology, lifestyle and complementary interventions.


Since then, Cancermazing was able to support and guide an abundant number of people and their loved ones before, during and after their cancer treatment. This fact supports my initial instinct of creating such a program on a daily basis.

Beatrice Schäfer

Beatrice Schäfer

Welcome, my name is Beatrice Schäfer. I am an Integrative Oncology Consultant, the Founder and Director of Cancermazing. The precious care of supporting and looking after you and your individual needs throughout your cancer care pathway has been at the heart of my core values when I founded Cancermazing in 2017.

​University of Cambridge, England

Charité – University Medicine Berlin, Germany

German Academy for Health and Sports, Germany

German Academy for Health Professions, Germany

Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany

Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg , Germany

Professional Memberships

Member of the German Cancer Society (DKG)

Fellow Member of the Royal Society of Public Health (FRSPH)

Member of the International Academy of Nutrition Educators (MIANE)

Member of the German Society of Health in Berlin-Brandenburg (GBB)

Voluntary Activities

Family Care Worker for Children with Cancer and Life shortening diseases, Kinderhilfe e.V.

Cancer Well-being Coach, Macmillan Cancer Support


Educational Background


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