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Beatrice Schäfer

Beatrice Schäfer

Integrative Oncology Consultant

Welcome, my name is Beatrice Schäfer. I am an Integrative Oncology Consultant, the Founder and Director of Cancermazing. The precious care of supporting and looking after you and your individual needs throughout your cancer care pathway has been at the heart of my core values when I founded Cancermazing in 2017.


Integrative Oncology Needs Assessment (IONA), Nutrition, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Physical Health and Movement, Lifestyle, Complementary Interventions

Cancer Today

Cancer Today

When you are diagnosed with cancer, you will have a demanding time ahead of you. Not only physically, but also mentally. Cancer therapies are very exhausting at all ages and are filled with ups, downs and setbacks. Operations, chemotherapy, radiation and hospital stays will determine everyday life for months. The variety of cancer treatment options, as well as the lack of knowledge thereof, can be overwhelming and make you feel helpless, while the emotional stress and fear of death are particularly difficult to cope with. Special attention must also be paid during this Covid-19 era, due to increased risk of infection and severe development of complications.

Cancermazing Approach

Our Approach

We at Cancermazing believe in looking after people from a whole-hearted and patient-centered perspective. We know, that each person is unique and that there is no generic ‘one size fits all’ scheme. For that reason, we advocate a multidisciplinary practice of Integrative Oncology (IO) Consulting. This evidence-informed approach, that has shown through science to be safe and effective, allows us to accommodate your individual treatment and needs by combining psychological, nutritional, lifestyle and complementary interventions in conjunction with your conventional cancer treatment. We will work alongside your oncologist, allowing them to focus on their area of expertise and complementing their care.

Patient Benefit

Your Benefit

Our multidisciplinary cancer approach supports the best treatment outcomes possible, betters your quality of life and minimizes your side effects of treatment. To ensure the best and safest care possible, we run our Consulting Practice as an online based model. This concept provides you with the opportunity to connect with us from anywhere at any time. You can flexibly schedule and conduct your phone or video consultation according to your needs on-the-go or from the safe and comfortable surrounding of your home. There is no waiting time in a stuffy sitting area, nor additional health risks through viral exposure. Our services are tailored to support and guide you each step of the way, before, during and after your cancer care.


new cancer cases

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new breast cancer cases, making it the leading type worldwide in 2020



of men were diagnosed with breast cancer worldwide in 2020

of all cancer patients use integrative oncology to increase their survival rate and quality of life


Integrative Oncology Statistic


Studies show, that cancer patients want more information, and some patients believe that access to Integrative Oncology Care should be part of the standard cancer treatment curriculum. As cancer incidence increase (prognosis estimates about 30 million by the year 2040) and survival time lengthens, the population seeking information about an access to Integrative Oncology Care is likely to increase beyond 40%. Providing Integrative Oncology Care within the standardized cancer care pathway ensures the availability of both the most advanced conventional treatment and care as well as accurate information and guidance with regard to integrative and complementary therapies. This service allows the patient and the cancer care team to focus not only on the patient's physical symptoms, but also on his or her overall quality of life before, during and after treatment.


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